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Customized for Your Specific Needs

Enjoy the benefits of a fully customized POS software solution that’s equipped with features to match your restaurant specific needs. In many circumstances, you can use your existing hardware, or if you’d like to upgrade with your software, we can guide you to the perfect hardware solution to fit your exact needs.

From a one-of-a-kind unique table layout to an award-winning menu, our staff is committed to working with you to achieve a customize all-in-one POS system for your restaurant. Ordyx is also enterprise ready with seamless scalability. When you are ready to grow, so are we. We are ready to partner up with you for the future

Increase Your Overall Efficiency

Our POS system not only looks good, but it feels good too. The Ordyx system has “easy” built right into it. It’s so easy that your staff can be trained in a matter of minutes. Even so, we offer Free unlimited training for staff and management. We’re confident that after using our tutorial, your staff will master our POS system in short order. Ordyx will reduce and eliminate costly errors and wasted time.  With Ordyx, you have access to our library of 50+ integrations to maximize efficiency while running your business. Also, due to our promise of service, we invite you to challenge us with new integrations that you cannot live without.  

Enable Mobility

Tableside ordering is now easier than ever with our Ordyx Mobile app. Servers can take orders at the table and send them directly to the kitchen. You can also merge or split checks by seat number or individual items, and take payments without having to run back and forth to the kitchen. This functionality enables servers the ability to maximize their time on the floor and stay in contact with the customer.

Back Of House


Real-Time Online Reporting

Our restaurant software provides live, detailed reports containing insights on all aspects of the business. The data is processed into simple and actionable information that reveals precise KPIs such as Sales by; History, Hourly, Items, Servers, and Costs by food items, Labor, Inventory, and much more. To run a profitable restaurant, tracking sales and expenses is critically important. With our restaurant POS software, you can access reports for up to 5 years in the past.  Now you can analyze performance as broadly or detailed as you’d like. This allows you to compare KPIs to historical data and therefore give you the best overall view of which items are selling more and when.  Now you are able you to make the best possible business decisions.

Customer Relationships

People will always remember how warm and fuzzy they felt from their last visit.  And a happy customer is a repeat customer. The Ordyx POS system has integrated CRM software that helps you connect with the customer and collect valuable information such as contact info and order history. This information allows you to focus on your best customers and their preferences.  You can anticipate their favorite table & items, estimate the average check size, and now tailor their next restaurant experience. 

Once you know your customers’ tendencies and preferences, you can now initiate tailored marketing campaigns to reach them outside of the restaurant. Invite back guests who haven’t visited in a while, or offer a birthday or anniversary celebration.  Our software will send them the perfect promotion to get them back in the door.